The Twin Tales: Journey of embracing Adventure and Creativity

About The Brand

What is the twin tales all about?

The Twin Tales Brand is all about twinning between mother and her little girl. The twin tales is dedicated to all the woman who share a special bond with her daughter because ‘being a mama can be tough but always remember in the eyes of your child no one does it better than you ‘.

Our Story

The Twin Tales was founded in 2021 by the mother of  adorable baby girl who shared this twining  concept on her first birthday showing the world that being identical  gives you  a feeling  that we are strong, our bond is unbreakable we share identical souls and we are identical in every aspect of life.

The co founder of this brand Shiv and Vidhi  who has been working in this industry for decades and having a desire to show the world exceptional  bond of mom and daughter .

‘it’s a little moments together that makes the best memories forever.’…

Our Inspiration

Inspired by vintage , The Twin Tales is rich in detail, flattering silhouettes, soft hues,  intricate lace and embroidered garments with an emphasis on whimsical hand-dyed fabrics and enchanting vintage inspired romantic floral prints.

Our Commitment

The fashion house is focused for giving  their clients a virtual showroom where they can choose the sartorial collections for both mother and the child, ranging from indo western, western  to casuals.

Our mission is to make sure that whatever we do we do it thoughtfully, compassionately and responsibly.

The core  experienced team of the twin tale are conjoint to form this unique concept with a preposition in mind “like mother like kid”, and has launched their ideas in form of their best collections which should be there in your wardrobe.

Our ideas and concepts of making garments are unique and exquisite we outsource our manufacturing and embroideries within 3 kms radius from us , so from designing to finishing, your garment don’t travel too far before it reaches you.

Our factory runs on solar energy, reducing emissions and complying with factory norms.

We only  work with the factories that follow strict social and environment standards.

For custom dying, washes to embroideries we work only with certified group of factories as we care for our promise to give you the best quality product so that we can connect for the lifetime guarantee.

We are committed to upcycling earth and skin friendly fabrics.

Contact Details

+91 9818891252

About the Collection

‘From the moment I held you in my arms , I know you were special. As I cuddled you close to my heart ❤,  I was overwhelmed with love for you.‘

Our Meraki collection is for all those extraordinary women who stand in complete awe, who feel proud to be blessed with a daughter or as a daughter for everyone to see that they are identical, for each and every moment they celebrate, cherish memories, and so as to set another milestone together.

This Spring summer 22 collection we have designed around the theme of ‘ Meraki Collection’ which depicts intricate and delicate handcrafted products with extra comfort and soft hand feel.

The flawless twin styles that you have been searching for.

Products are based on the inspiration from the styles that we ourselves want to wear _ our favourites. These are the styles we will continue to reach in our wardrobes. Western outfits– certainly not boring, we always return to wear in our routine life. The details we use makes them unique and eye catching, the combination possibilities are endless.

Wildflower, the amazing beauty of natural world, is use as embroidery and prints in several styles of  Meraki collection. The playful colours that we use,  create a sophisticated and versatile outfit which you will be comfortable in.

Hand tie dyes, sulphur dyes, different types of washes, is the key element in the collection, you can carry our beautiful crafted dress in any occasion that you feel like.

Our next collection we are showcasing is Tales Of Forever collection and it’s all about vintage detail, anchored in feminine dresses , flares , puffy sleeves, intricate embroidery,  frills which creates sexy, yet modest look all at once. These are the styles that doesn’t have to try hard. They are just enough as they are and don’t need external element to complete the look.

By combining the stunning details we tried to create a collection which is effortless, we can keep them alive and ensure that they remain relevant to us and can be used on rotation, season after season as a true wardrobe favorites.